082 - Effective Use of Technology

Session Type: ACR Meet the Professor Sessions
Tuesday, November 8, 2011: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM
W186c (McCormick Place West)

Session Overview:
Information technology is being more widely deployed in healthcare, and its deployment has become a focus of national policy. This session will attempt to provide a wide overview of how information technology is being used in more mature implementations by different providers across the country.  Its goal is to be interactive and not didactic.  Participants will hear a discussion of some of the areas of recent focus among mature organizations as to how they are using technology, and solicit a description of successful experiences from within the participants in the group.

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

  • recognize a diverse set of uses of technology in healthcare
  • identify the technology challenges being addressed by larger more mature health organizations
  • conceive how technology might benefit the care that can be delivered by the participant

4:30 PM
William M. McClatchey, Piedmont Healthcare, Atlanta, GA
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